Online Advocacy to Make a Change

Gadgets and Techno Blog - We all want a peaceful situation. But the fact is a lot of negative things happened that make us feel uncomfortable and hurt lot of people. This situation makes a lot of people looking for online advocacy.

Currently, many individuals, companies and even government officials who act to harm others consciously or not. It has become our responsibility to provide useful information to Internet users around the world, especially for those of you readers to get a solution for your problems.

We can say is an online advocacy website. A non profit website that allows you to make an online petition or a warning to a person, companies, or even the state officials to the action that they did.

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Revealed: Hundreds of Thousands iOS Applications “Zero Download”

Gadgets and Techno Blog – Online application store, Apple’s App Store, according to one study, many inhabited by the application of a “zombie” or applications that were never downloaded, does not have a rating, and are often not seen by users of the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

According to research firm tracking done Adeven mobile marketing, as many as two-thirds of the total applications in the App Store never downloaded and installed by the consumer.


Apple App Store

Meanwhile, Adeven also noted, as many as 579 001 of the total 888 856 applications are application zombie.

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iOS App More Profitable Than Android Apps

Gadgets and Techno Blog - According to research carried App Annie, the number of downloads of applications on Google Play Store in the first quarter of 2014 was higher than the number of downloads in the Apple App Store. However, the App Store to get a higher profit for application developers. How can?

Research conducted App Annie showed that in the first quarter of 2014, the number of downloads of applications Play Store 45 percent higher than the App Store. In the previous quarter was the Play Store is superior to 35 percent compared to the App Store.

iOS vs Android

iOS vs Android

However, if notice of the amount of the profits, Apple’s application store is actually surpass Google app store.

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Google Remove “Bomb Gaza” From Play Store

Gadgets and Techno Blog - A game that simulates the Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip and invites players to “drop bombs and avoid killing civilians” had been pulled from the Android app store, according to a company spokesman said on Monday (08/04/2014).

Game “Bomb Gaza” developed by PlayFTW simulates the ongoing conflict between Israel and the Islamic group Hamas, which dominates the Palestinian territories. Players dropping bombs from fighter jets when avoiding missiles from Hamas fighters in the black and green mask.

“We remove the application from the Google Play that violate our policies,” said Google spokesman, confirmed that the game has been removed from the Google Play Store. Google did not mention which game policy has been violated.

Bomb Gaza Game - Google Play Store

Bomb Gaza Game – Google Play Store

Google Play has rules prohibiting content that contains hate, intimidation, and violence and enable users to assess the rough content.

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